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Role of Belt Conveyor Wear Liners

Wear liners play several important roles in increasing the effectiveness and longevity of low-spillage transfer points.

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Productive Belt Conveyor Design

Following design principles that establish safe, service-friendly, and easy-to-clean belt conveyor systems leads to...

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Outward Belt Conveyor Sealing

The final variations of edge-sealing systems are systems that seal on the outside of the skirtboard steel. The most...

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Multiple Belt Conveyor Loading Points

Where a belt is loaded at more than one point along the conveyors length, care must be used in the positioning of the...

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Minimizing the Escape of Fugitive Material

The design of a transfer chute is occasionally limited to some degree by the available space, which often leads to...

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Measuring Fugitive Materials from Belt Conveyors Part 2

Definition of the Swinderman Scale

The Swinderman Scale of Fugitive Materials detailed below is one attempt to develop...

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Measuring Fugitive Materials from Belt Conveyors Part 1

Quantitative and Qualitative

Without both qualitative and quantitative information, discussion about the effectiveness...

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Measuring Belt Conveyor Efficiency

Bulk-materials handling is a process; therefore, many of the measurements taken to measure performance are not absolute...

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Material Trajectory

The path the bulk material takes as it is discharged from the delivery conveyor is called the trajectory. Trajectory is...

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