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Conveyor Belt Junction­-Joint Failure

In general, structures and machines tend to have their greatest weaknesses at seams or points of transition, where...

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Conveyor Belt Impact Damage

One of the most common forms of damage to conveyor belts is also one of the simplest. Impact damage stems from...

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Conveyor Belt Fire Resistance Part 2

In the United States for applications for everything except underground coal mines, as published in the Code of Federal...

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Conveyor Belt Fire Resistance Part 1

A conveyor belt fire is a significant risk. The belting itself can burn; however, it is the length and movement of the...

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Conveyor Belt Entrapment Damage

Not every kind of damage conveyor belts suffer is always what it first appears.

Chapter four of Martin...

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Conveyor Belt Delamination

Because the edge of a belt marks the connection between different components, it suffers from the usual weaknesses seen...

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Conveyor Belt Damage

There are a wide variety of types of belt damage. Some of the most common include:

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Conveyor Belt Cupping

Sometimes the damage to a conveyor belt is as much functional as structural, as in the case of belt cupping. Chapter...

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