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Conveyor Belt Cleaner Damage


Belt cleaners play a crucial role in maintaining conveyor belts, and realistically the whole conveyor system. However, they also pose a real and significant risk of damaging the belt themselves, according to chapter four of Martin Engineering's Foundations™ book.

A small groove pattern can be seen on the surface of the conveyor belt.
Impacts from belt-cleaner blade “chatter” can put nicks in the cover of the belt.

Like many other parts of the conveyor structure, the mere presence of a belt cleaner is bound to result in some regular wear over an extended period. In general, belt cleaners will contribute somewhat to the gradual wear on a belt's top cover.

However, the real threat is posed by belt cleaners that have been improperly installed, leading either to excessive pressure being placed upon the belt or significant chatter in the cleaner blade. Chatter can be particularly damaging, as it will sometimes result in gashes or gouges in the belt.

In both cases, the damage caused by an improperly installed belt cleaner can lead to further damage, as irregularities in the surface of the top cover can create greater vibrations in the blade. However, any issues with a belt cleaner should be comparatively easy to address, usually requiring only adjustments to the blade's alignment rather than any wholesale replacement.


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