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Conveyor Belt Impact Damage

One of the most common forms of damage to conveyor belts is also one of the simplest. Impact damage stems from materials striking the top belt with enough force to scratch or puncture the material.

A cracked hole appears on the surface of a conveyor belt.
Impact damage is caused by large, sharp material striking the belt resulting in a random nicking, scratching, or gouging of the top cover.

Impact damage is of greatest concern with heavy, sharp objects, notably raw materials like coal and ore, particularly directly out of the mine or after passing through a crusher. However, comparatively lighter and duller materials can still cause significant damage with enough energy behind them.

Impact damage can be readily perceived as a form of so-called "normal wear," with the expectation that regular use is bound to scar a belt over time. However, given the great expense of replacing a conveyor's belt, it is worth analyzing potential sources of preventable damage.

In terms of impact damage, long drops can represent a significant source of preventable damage, since steps can often be taken to cushion falling materials, or direct their energy away from the belt itself.

Impact cradles absorb the impact of loading material and protect the belt from damage.

While it may be difficult to remove all instances of sharp impact, businesses can at least reduce the chances that materials could tear completely through the belt.

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