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Conveyor Belt Wash-Box Systems Part 2

Historically, the vast majority of wash box applications have been custom-designed out of necessity, due to each application’s unique blend of conveyor specifications, material characteristics, and space limitations. A more recent development has been the concept of a “modular” wash-box system. Unlike the custom wash boxes that are designed on an application-by-application basis, the modular wash boxes use a number of “standard” components and configurable modules to combine increased flexibility and ease of use with economy in engineering and construction. The concept includes the “basic elements” of a wash-box system in a modular container. These modular units can then be “joined” to form more elaborate systems and customized solutions.

Illustration showing several modular washboxes position together to make a larger, custom washbox.
A modular wash box uses a number of “standard” components and configurable modules to provide flexibility with economy in engineering and construction.

The modular approach allows for a number of features to be incorporated with minimal increase in the cost of the system. The modular approach includes options that provide for improved accessibility, simplified installation, easier maintenance, and the ability to easily swap components as application requirements change over time. In fact, the modular approach allows the separation of components—putting the drying mechanisms in a different enclosure from the scraping components, for example—to allow greater distance between the components or to allow installation around conveyor structural members and other obstructions. An additional benefit is the modular wash-box approach allows for system expansion with different or additional modules added later, as material characteristics, cleaning requirements, or budgetary limitations change.


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Topics: Material Carryback & Belt Cleaning

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