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Conveyor Belt Top Cover Wear

Sometimes the difference between normal and avoidable belt damage can be less than obvious. Chapter four of Martin Engineering's Foundations notes that one of the most common forms of the damage to any type of conveyor belt and one of the most expected is the gradual wear on the top cover.

Close-up view of the top cover of a worn conveyor belt showing knicks, breakage, and grooves.
Abrasion from material loading will be seen as wear in the top cover in the load carrying area of the belt.

This damage is caused primarily by the abrasion of materials being loaded onto the conveyor belt, as well as pressure from containers with heavier head loads.

At first, these kinds of stresses appear to be largely a part of normal operation. However, closer inspection can reveal a number of areas in which top cover abrasion can be reduced.

Impact cradles absorb the impact of loading material and protect the belt from damage.

While belt cleaners have been found to result in some wear on the belt, an improperly installed cleaner can lead to chattering, which will strip a top cover if left unaddressed. Ineffective belt cleaners can prove as bad as poorly installed ones, as the buildup of fugitive materials under a conveyor can lead over time to abrasion of the belt.

Even reducing the head load on a belt can reduce belt wear.

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