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Belt Conveyor Track-­Mounted Idlers

Track-mounted designs allow idlers to be serviced much easier.

Track-mounted idlers that slide into position are a solution to the problems in servicing closely-spaced idlers. These idlers are mounted on a steel beam that forms a track, allowing the individual rollers to be installed or removed with a slide-in/slide-out movement perpendicular to the path of the conveyor. Idlers used in track-mounted configurations can be steel rollers or rubber ring impact-style rollers. With track- mounted idlers, each individual roller, or each set, can be serviced without laying the frame on its side or raising the belt.

An illustration showing how a track-mounted idler slides in and out for maintenance.
The track upon which idlers slide can be incorporated into the design of the conveyor as part of the structure.

The track upon which idlers (and/or other belt-support components) slide provides a supplement to the conveyor structure. This track could be incorporated into the design of the conveyor as part of the structure. Incorporating a slide-in-place system during the conveyor’s design stage allows the use of modular belt support structures, idlers, cradles or combination units and simplifies component installation. This is particularly beneficial on wide belts, where large components might otherwise require cranes or other heavy equipment for installation.

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