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Enlarging the Belt Conveyor Settling Zone

As an example of Bernoulli’s Principle, the Ventui effect is that a current of air speeds up as it passes through a...

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Settling Zones at Transfer Points

The settling zone refers to the space enclosed by a covered skirtboard at a transfer point, sometimes including an...

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Displaced, Induced and Generated Air

As materials move on a conveyor and through a transfer point, they carry a stream of air alongside and within them....

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Thermal Penalty of Dust Suppression in a Coal-Fired Power Plant

A 270-megawatt (362000-hp) power plant might burn approximately 82 tons per hour (90 st/h), 24 hours per day, seven...

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Controlling Air Movement

A complete system to control dust at conveyor transfer points is based upon four design parameters:

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Clean Belt Conveyor Design Part 2

Pulley Sizes

For decades, tail, bend and discharge pulley sizes have been selected from tables published by belting...

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Clean Belt Conveyor Design Part 1

Clean designs are critical to operating a safe and productive material-handling system. However, in today’s normal...

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Belt Conveyor Insertable Dust Collectors

An extension of the unit concept is the insertable system, in which the dust collection system is incorporated within...

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