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Conveyor Safety:

Are you doing enough to protect workers?

MSHA Fatality Alerts & Related Articles

Conveyor Belt

December 23, 2019

A miner was fatally injured while attempting to remove a splice pin...

Fatality Alert

May 2, 2020

A miner entered a dredged sand and gravel bin through a lower access hatch to clear...

Fatality Alert

July 29, 2020

A miner was injured when his arm became entangled in a stacker conveyor belt...

Lock Out Tag Out

Lockout/Tagout Procedures


General Conveyor Safety Practices

Safety Alert

Working in Proximity to Belt Conveyors 

US Department of Labor Videos

Prevent Injury 

Improve current tactics

Keep Workers Safe

Roller Build-up

"Are you talking the talk or walking the walk?"

Last week while teaching a Conveyor Safety class, I made a statement that shocked the group (and angered a few). “You aren’t doing everything you can to keep workers safe...

Work Safety

Do You Have a Personal Commitment to Safety?

People are “committed” to different things, right? Some folks are committed to their sports team - baseball, football, basketball, college, or pro! If you’re married, committed to... 

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Foundations Book

Foundations Book

Safety Book

Safety Book

Chapter 25

Blocking The Belt Against Motion

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Eliminate the need for guesswork, regulatory noncompliance, and internal resources spending time and money on maintenance. 

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