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Material Carryback & Belt Cleaning

Material sticking to the belt after discharge eventually builds up on conveyor components, falling to the ground and creating material loss and the need for manual cleanup.

See the two main concerns with carryback.

There are many different techniques that people use to solve carryback issues. A multiple-cleaner system has been proven one of the most effective ways to prevent carryback. Many plants have belt scrapers in operation but still have carryback because they haven’t executed best practices or fully understand the importance of multiple-cleaner systems. Carryback often causes other problems if left unresolved (belt mistracking, safety hazards, production loss, excess cleanup, etc.,). The investment usually pays for itself within hours.


Root Causes:
  • Sticky/wet material
  • Fine/flaky material
  • Poor belt surface conditions


There are easy and cost effective ways to reduce and even prevent material carryback.

Best Practices:
  • Urethane primary belt cleaner
  • Tungsten carbide secondary cleaner
  • Vulcanized/skived mechanical splices
  • Bi-monthly maintenance
  • Correct installation and belt cleaner sizing

Carryback is one of the most preventable conveyor problems in the world.

It is incredibly costly to have carryback and fairly inexpensive to prevent it.