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Conveyor Belt Top Cover Cracking

Many kinds of conveyor belt damage are caused by the materials being moved or misalignments in parts of the structure, but some problems are inherent to the design of the conveyor itself.

Chapter four of Martin Engineering's Foundations notes that top cover cracking is a serious problem that can lead to substantial damage to the other components of the belt, but such cracking is generally attributable to mistakes in belt selection.

Bending the belt around too small a pulley can cause cracks in the top cover perpendicular to belt travel.

The top cover of any belt is composed of a particular type of material with its own strengths and limitations. Some belts will prove particularly resistant to abrasion, while others might be more flexible.

In any case, there are specific limits on the amount that any such belt is capable of bending, determining how tightly they can be wound around differently-sized pulleys. Aside from just material, this can depend upon the number of layers or the even the thickness of the material.

If belts are wrapped too tightly around the pulley, the stress will eventually cause cracks in the top cover that will expose the underlying material to damage. This makes it particularly important that companies consider the required dimensions if they choose to change belts, otherwise they could end up losing many of the expected benefits of the switch.

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