Keep Your Material Moving

With Martin Engineering Air Cannons

Maximize productivity and efficiency by keeping material flowing. Martin® Air Cannons prevent buildups and obstructions by releasing controlled yet powerful bursts of air without risking damage to equipment.

In addition to enhancing material flow, air cannons increase safety and maintenance planning as they eliminate the need for workers to manually intervene with blockages, disrupting the production process. 

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Customize Your Components

We provide a variety of cannon sizes, models, and configurations that can be customized to meet your exact needs. We take any parameters your operation might have into consideration and work with those to give you the flexibility to set up air cannons where and how you need them. Whether the simplicity of a single cannon or the complexity of a multi-cannon system, we will work with you to achieve the desired results. 

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Maximum discharge strength with half the air volume, resulting in highly effective discharge and reduced operating costs. The innovative design allows for simple, one-step maintenance and safer operation. 

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No confined space needed as everything is performed from the outside. Our variety of nozzles deliver blast patterns to ensure optimal performance.

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Keep a “6 pack” of factory-refurbished air cannon replacement valves on your shelf so you have them when you need them. 6 packs come in a pallet-sized container for you to refill with worn-out valves and send back to us to be refilled with refurbished valves and returned to you. Valves are guaranteed against defects and carry the full factory warranty 

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The placement of air cannons in areas with no power is not a problem anymore. Utilizing a self-contained power station eliminates power production obstacles. Using kinetic energy from a moving conveyor belt, enough power is generated to fire an air cannon. 

Modular Design

allows for maintenance in minutes

Incorporating an innovative and customer-driven modular design, our air cannons are operational in just minutes of installation and maintenance is quick and easy. Most maintenance tasks take less than 15 minutes and are two-tool processes. 



Outage Preparation - Assess It First!

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Letting professional assess your cannons will allow you to focus on other parts of your operation. Working with limited resources, as many have been lately, can spread you thin. Let the experts use their time and tools to take some of the burden off of your everyday needs.


Time to think outside of the box when thinking about flow aids

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Air cannons can be placed on hoppers, bins, head chutes, etc., for a safe and efficient way to eliminate material pluggage and keep material flowing. Cannons can be used in a wide range of industries and with varieties of material. If you have been dealing with material flow issues by trying the same solutions with limited success, think outside of the box!


Add some BANG to your transfer points & BLAST out blockages

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One solution, often overlooked, to combat a choke in material flow is applying a flow aid such as an air cannon. Air cannons provide reliable, persistent, and forceful blasts of air to safely and effectively clear material, returning it to the material flow.

Monitor and Diagnose

With our intuitive technology, you can remotely monitor the performance of your cannon(s). With continuous monitoring, you are immediately notified in the event of a failure so you can quickly react. The system will indicate what type of investigation/repair is needed.

Schedule a meeting with project manager Sid Dev to discuss air cannon options for your operation.